Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Is Still Pressurized

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies prepares a complaint to the procurator's office, accusing workers of the ministry of justice of trespassing their office.

The Independent Institute for Social-Economic and Political Studies was registered in Fanipol and it's office is situated at mechanic repairs factory.

According to the information, given to RFE/RL by the institute's vice-director Aliaksandr Sasnou, in the beginning of March four workers of the Ministry of Justice visited the office:

-- They intimidated the secretary and the manager, who opened the door in absence of the director, -- said Sasnou.

Representatives of the factory have the right to visit the office for security reasons even in the absence of the owners, however, in this case the ministry workers could get there only together with the police. That's why the institute is going to complaint against the illegal actions of the ministry. According to Aliaksandr Sasnou, as a result of the visit the ministry workers composed an act which they didn't show to IISEPS administration.

Aleh Slizheuski, head of the board of political parties and public associations of the Ministry of Justice, refused to give detailed comments on this event:

-- Naturally, we would have never done anything against the law. It is all lies and libel. If they think their rights were violated, they can appeal against it according to the existing order.

The pressurization of the institute by the Ministry of Justice increased at the end of 2004. According to the administration of the institute, it is connected with the results of the poll, devoted to the parliamentary election and the referendum, which the authorities disliked. The organization even received an official warning from the Ministry of Justice. At the same time, the flat that was rented by Aleh Sasnou was searched by KGB.

According to Aleh Manaieu, director of the institute, all these actions are coordinated by the authorities with the aim to liquidate IISEPS.