Miastsovy Chas cannot be printed in Pinsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The state-owned company Pinsk Regional Printers again refused the right of the non-state newspaper Miastsovy Chas (Local Time) to be printed in Pinsk. The editorial office of the newspaper, which has been operating for a second year now, is based in Pinsk. However, it has to print its issues 160 kilometers away in Baranavichy, which leads to additional delivery costs. V.Shust, the former head of the Pinsk Town Executive Committee, issued an order banning the printing of the newspaper in Pinsk. After he left the position, Viktar Yarashuk, the newspaper's senior editor, and Aliaxandr Prakopau, Director of the Pinsk Regional Printers, agreed that the Miastsovy Chas would be printed in Pinsk. However, after A.Prakopau had been to the Ministry of Information, he refused to do as he's promised saying he had been advised not to take the job away from the Baranavichy printers. (BAJ)