Persecution of the participants of the action held on October 31 is being continued in Svislatch.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Administrative statements of the cases were drawn up on two more participant of the action held in Svislach on October 31 when people laid flowers to the monuments of national heroes.

As “Pahonia” previously informed, on Tuesday, November 23, two policemen from Svislach came to the flat of one of BPF members in Horadnia – Dzianis Ivashyn. Report was drawn up about violation of administrative law. Dzianis is accused of participating in unsanctioned meeting in Svislach on October 31 as well as of usage of unregistered symbols.

-- The policemen drew up the reports based on the operation video made on October 31 and told me to wait for a call to the court. I guess everything is being done according to special order. The hunting on active people has started. This is the cleaning before the elections of the year 2006. In order to make everybody go to the underground, - Dzianis Ivashyn commented to the “Pahonia” journalist.

The next day, November 24, in the very Svislach policemen visited Valery Matsijas. The same report for participation in celebrating events was drawn on this civic activist as on Dzianis Ivashyn.

-- This is threatening. We have organized celebrations before and we did it even more boldly, we used to have more flags with us. Now it is obvious that there exist some order because during the arrests on October 31 the policemen said that everybody will be arrested in any case but started to do that actively only now, - Jury Hlebik, participant of the action in Svislach on October 31 said to “Pahonia”.

Should be stated that earlier according to the article 167 part 1 and part 2 of the Code on Administrative Violations – “organizing of unsanctioned marching” and “usage of unregistered symbols” – the chairperson of BPF branch in Horadnia region, Siarhey Malchyk, and Chairperson of Horadnia city branch of BSDH, Viktar Sazonau, and BPF member Uladzimir Saranchukou were charged with a penalty of 70 base amounts (approximately $700).

Ryhor Kavalchuk