Police Confiscates “Missing Persons in Belarus”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 5 November the police in plain clothes burst into the flat, rented by a leader of the youth “Zubr” movement Mikita Sasim. At about 7.30 they rang at the door. They didn’t show no documents and the people who were inside refused to let them in. Then the police broke the door, put the youth face to the walls, searched the flat and confiscated several thousand of copies of Christos Pourgourides’ report “Missing persons in Belarus” and a video camera that belonged to one of the youngsters. Mikita Sasim wasn’t present at the search – he was detained in the morning of 5 November in the city of Baranavichy and spent the whole day at the police.

According to “Charter’97”