Ministry of Information abolished the order to stop the activity of newspaper “Rehianalnaja hazeta”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The ministry of information abolished the order to stop the activity of newspaper for three months on October 12. Co-founder and chief editor of the edition Aliaksandar Mantsevich does not exclude that it is connected with lots of complaints sent by the readers to the Ministry of Justice.

In the order of Minister Rusakevich about abolishing of the previous order his decision is not motivated. At the same time Mantsevich informs Belarusian Journalists Association that “recently a representative of Ministry of Information made a phone call to the editorial office and informed that they received piles of letters of protest from readers concerning the abeyance of the newspaper. Besides, Chief editor initiated collection of signatures in support of the newspaper and abolishing of the order. (According to BJA he collected 235 signatures during the first day).

Aliaksandar Mantsevich thinks that one more reason why the Ministry abolished its decision could be operative reaction of the newspaper to the claims of the Ministry. The editorial team submitted all necessary documents to the Ministry to change the registration certificate and paid registration fee at once.

The order to stop the activity of the newspaper for three months was signed on September 24. The same date have warnings to the founder and editorial team of the newspaper. The newspaper was accused of violation of several articles of Publication law at once: especially issuing of an unregistered supplement “Teletydzen”, change of the topics, periodicity of the issuing and territory of distribution without informing registering institution in time.