ATTENTION! All Belarusians are deprived of the right to freely participate in elections and referendums. Only one signature is put in the list of voters for two ballot-papers.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

When the Human Rights Center “Spring” started to receive information that at the electoral districts voters are proposed only one signature for two ballot-papers (for the voting for a candidate to the Parliament and for participating in the Referendum) we could not even believe that first. I moved to my electoral district #560 of the Kalinouskaja electoral region #108 to check the information. The secretary of the electoral commission proposed me to sign the list for two ballot-papers at once. When I asked how it would be reflected in the list of the voters if I refuse to participate in the referendum she said that it would not be reflected there at all.
Therefore, as all the rest voters in Belarus I was refused in the right to free participation in the elections and the referendum which is secured by article 5 of the electoral code: “The elections (..) of the deputies of the Chamber of Representatives, (...) participation in the referendum is free: the voter and the participant of the Referendum decides personally whether to participate in the elections or referendum and what to vote for”.
This is a most vivid violation of the voters’ rights in the whole Belarus.
This appears true once again: no matter how they vote it matters how they count.

Tatsiana Raviaka, human rights center “SPRING”