Jury Sivakow, the Minister of Sport and Tourism, was not allowed to participate in the Conference of Ministers of Sport of European countries in Budapest on October 14-15.

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The reporter of Radio Liberty asked Jury Sivakow which is his reaction on limitation of mobility. The last time when the Minister of Sport and Tourism was abroad was two years before in Zurich where in the headquarter of FIFA the future of Belarusian Federation of football was decided. At that time European sport officials did not want to accept the head of Security Council as the head of Football association.

Since than Sivakow have received only denials to the request to come to other countries: first to the Olympiad in Greece, and as a result to many other EU countries. In case of final adoption of the “Act on democracy in Belarus” the entrance to the American continent will be closed to Sivakow as well as to some other officials.

“If I say that I do not care you will not believe. I also cannot say that it does not bring any inconvenience to me. Politics is a war when any means are used to reach the goal. There has never been a war in favor of a soldier: soldiers were dying for aims, ambitions of politicians”, Sivakow said to Radio Liberty.