The district of electoral region made an unanimous warning to BPF candidate Aliaksei Janukevich who stands for the elections in Autazavodski region #94. The grounds for the warning became the statements of two empowered people of his competitor - a current deputy Siarhey Zabalotsets.

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Firstly, Anatol Maksimovich and Ihar Mikhajlouski accused Janukevich in distributing “Five Plus” leaflets during his agitation. Secondly, he was accused of putting his leaflets in not allowed places. The empowered people of Zabalotsets could not submit any provings in either case. “They only had a photo-copy of my leaflet which was distributed at the beginning of the summer”, Aliaksey Janukevich marked.

When the competitors were asked to name the houses where the leaflets were put in not allowed places they answered that “they did not intend to gather materials with such confirmation”.

What concerns the second leaflet – “Five steps to better life” where Aliaksej’s photo and his attitude to this program, the candidate does not deny that he was distributing it but that before the announcement of the elections. He was even arrested for that by police. The report about taking out of the leaflets which has the candidate shows that the detention took place before the election campaign.

“To my words that the leaflet about “five plus” was distributed before the elections I got the following reply from the commission: The money you spent on this leaflet is working for you and for your campaign now as there is your photo and name”, Janukevich informs.

Therefore, the commission considered “five plus” leaflets to be exceeding of used funds of the candidate and made a warning on these grounds.

“The authorities and its candidates are very much afraid of the alternative candidates no matter that they have administrative resource, that they are counting on falsifications during the counting of votes”, Aliaksej Janukevich comments on the decision of the electoral commission. “as they see that those candidates who today represent democratic force, BPF and openly speak against the Referendum gain strong support in the society. Such decision of the district electoral commission aimed at giving in me as one more warning will be enough to take me from the race during the last week before the elections.”

The candidate will quarrel the decision in CEC.

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