Warning to Candidate Mikola Statkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk circuit election commission No. 108 issued warning to the candidate Mikola Statkevich for distribution of fly-sheets without issue data and alleged compromising statements concerning the authorities made by Mr. Statkevich and his proxy Uladzimir Parfianovich.

At the sitting of the election commission of 9 October the head of the commission Maryia Batsian read applications of a number of electors with accusations of violation of the rules of the agitation campaign:

-- In his fly-sheets (that often had no issue data) the candidate Statkevich used rude expressions concerning the authorities of Belarus and its state order. In the interview, printed in the unregistered “Zubr” newspaper Mikola Statkevich says he would make everything not to let falsification of the election and to stop the man who craves for absolute power.

The head of the commission also quoted from the interviews of Statkevich and other opposition candidates to the “Nedelya” newspaper, called them anti-state and compromising for the authorities. Some members of the commission consider themselves insulted by expressions of Statkevich’s proxy Uladzimir Parfianovich, who at a meeting with the electorate said the election would be falsified.

Mikola Statkevich, in his turn, stated he didn’t violate the law. He called fly-sheets without issue data a provocation and asked to show him the laws that prohibit agitation against the question that is issued to referendum. However, the election commission paid little attention to what he said. The head of the commission said:

-- To begin with, we warn Mikalay Viktaravich Statkevich, candidate to deputies, for violation of the Electoral Code.

Despite the warning, Mikola Statkevich is not going to stop the anti-referendum agitation.

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