Five journalists from Horadnia made a picket at the most crowded street (Savietskaja) on October 4. They protested against reinforcement of pressure upon independent press.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The protest was based on the last week accusation of Alena Raubetskaja – a “Birzha infarmacyi” journalist – in distribution of abusing information about the President. The journalists held paper with the signs: “Journalists are convicted in Horadnia!!!”

Iryna Charniauka, Anatol Makushyn, Natallia Makushyna, Paval Mazhejka and Julia Kotskaja were staying there for about 15 minutes when a policemen came up to them and demanded them to go away. After 10 minutes of negotiations the journalists went along the Savietskaja street in the same order with the sign. The policemen were following them all the time, one of them was making video. The protest of the journalists attracted the attention of the passers-by who stopped, read the slogan and approached them with questions. The press service of Belarusian Journalists Association informs that during the action the police did not arrest anybody.