Are Vitebsk Observers Spied On?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mikhail Pawlaw, Viasna member in Vitebsk reports the following: “On 30 September, people who plan to observe the parliamentary election and the referendum gathered in the office of Vitebsk Self-government and Society NGO for a meeting. Manager of state-run construction trust # 9 who owned the building asked the NGO to show the office to a person who he introduced as an entrepreneur but did not say his name. This person inspected the office, measured the window, and examined the wallpaper behind the posters and the sofa. This person seemed unlikely to be a businessman and I decided to trail his further route. I noticed the car this person was driving: a brown Volksvagen-Passat, a hardtop, 5220 BAE. Later I saw the car parking near the building in Savetskaya Street, 18. This is the office of Vitebsk KGB department. I saw that the “entrepreneur” entered the building”.