BPF Party: Preliminary Results of Registration of Candidates to Deputies of Chamber of Representatives

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

21 persons out of the 55 that were nominated at the assembly of the BPF party or by collection of signatures weren’t registered by circuit election commissions.

Here there are the numbers of the circuit election commissions and the names of the registered candidates:
48 -- Viktar Ramanisha
51 – Mikalay Voran
53 – Ales Astrowski
61 – Aliaksandr Dzerhachow
65 – Ales Chyhir
67 – Andrey Yurkow
75 – Ryhor Kastusiow
77 – Siarhey Salash
84 – Yury Ziankovich
85 – Volha Lahvinovich
2 – Zmitser Shymanski
4 – Ales Hrytsavets
9 – Siarhey Bakhun
11 – Aliaksandr Mekh
12 – Andrey Sukhaverkhi
13 – Uladzimir Maley
14 – Zmitser Saloshkin
17 – Uladzislaw Tokaraw
18 – Kanstantsin Smolikaw
19 – Nina Kavaliova
25 – Vasil Hlavatskikh
27 – Vasil Lewchankaw
28 – Alena Som
29 – Zmitser Salawiow
34 – Vasil Ramanaw
86 – A. Kazlowski
94 – Aliaksey Yanukevich
97 – Siarhey Mudrachenka
99 – Aliaksey Kavalets
100 – Ivan Saverchanka
101 – Valiantsina Sviatskaya
105 – Uladzimir Kolas
107 – Vintsuk Viachorka
110 – Vadzim Kanapatski.

Not registered:
38 – Halina Yalova
46 – Valery Putsitski
52 – Siarhey Antusevich
57 – Stanislaw Sudnik
60 – Ivan Sheha
71 – Aliaksandr Aheyew
73 – Vasil Awramenka
79 – A. Siudak
1 – Uladzimir Vialichkin
5 – Viktar Meziak
8 – Yury Hubarevich
22 – Yaraslaw Bernikovich
90 – Pavel Batuyew
104 – Andrey Tserashkow
108 – Yury Khadyka.

The issue of registration is delayed:
81 – Aliaksey Lapitski
109 – Ales Mikhalevich

Withdrew their candidatures:
56 -- Stanislaw Karaban
91 – Valery Sushkevich.

All unregistered persons are well-known leaders in their regions: vice-head of the BPF party, professor Yury Khadyka, deputies of city soviets Siarjey Antusevich from Hrodna and Aliaksandr Aheyew from Mahiliow, deputy of district soviet and head of Brest regional BPF organization Yury Hubarevich from Belaaziorsk, deputy of district soviet Ivan Sheha from Slonim, etc. In the majority of cases the formal reasons by which the decisions to deny registration were explained were invented or plainly absurd. We consider the decision not to register candidates from the BPF party as politically motivated, directed at limitation of political freedom of Belarusian citizens and democratic parties.

Moreover, a number of members of the BPF party who were nominated to candidates faced severe pressurization from the side of the authorities. It’s revolting that in the majority of cases the pressure concerned not the candidates, but their relatives, colleagues and heads of their enterprises. A number of candidates, who didn’t listen to threats in their address, were fired (V. Lahvinovich, A. Kazlowski and Siudak).

Facts witness that Lukashenka’s regime will go on using unjust and illegal methods of political fight in order to falsify the election and form puppet parliament. We, in our turn, will continue using all possible legal means to fight for our values, provide the country’s citizens true information and work for making Belarus really free and independent as soon as possible, -- is said in the statement of the BPF Board of 16 October 2004.

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