Leaders of Five Democratic Parties urge to hold nationwide action in defense of Constitution on 10 October

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Statement of the leaders of UCP, BPF, BSDH, PCB and Labor Party:

Putting to referendum the question about preparation of the continuation of his powers, A. Lukashenka factually confesses that the system of personal leadership which he established has no future. It will be changed for sure when he refuses from power. Referendum only prolongs the time of economical stagnation and lawlessness.

The majority of Belarusian citizens are against turning our country into absolute monarchy in the center of Europe. Democratic forces that have established the common platform “Five steps to better life” together with the country’s people stand against this breach of the Constitution. Our people deserve the right to live in democratic state, ruled by Constitution and laws, not one person’s will.

We urge all those who don’t want third term for A. Lukashenka’s rule to coordinate their efforts with United Civil Party, Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada, Belarusian People’s Front and activists of Belarusian Labor Party which was liquidated by the authorities.

We propose to hold nationwide action in defense of the Constitution on 10 October 2004.

Together we constitute majority!
A. Bukhvostaw
V. Viachorka
S. Kaliakin
A. Liabedzka
S. Shushkevich