Pressure on Initiative Group of Alexander Milinkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Teacher of Bershty school in Shchuchyn district was threatened with dismissal by the head of local education board. In order to be in good graces of the boss she had to leave the initiative group of Alexander Milinkevich.

On 6 August Alexander Milinkevich applied to election commission of Shchuchyn election district with the list of his initiative group members. He handed his application to Ivan Sakalowski, head of the election commission. Simultaneously, Ivan Sakalowski is deputy head of Shchuchyn district executive committee. The same very day teacher Maria Budzko, one of the initiative group members, had a conversation with the school principal.

The school principal confessed she was executing the order of Uladzimir Dubok, head of Shchuchyn education board, and suggested the teacher should drop out of the initiative group. The principal referred to Dubok’s warning that otherwise the teacher might lose her job. According to the school principal, Dubok told her, KGB had already a file on the teacher.

On Tuesday members of Milinkevich’s team Andrei Kusialchuk, Vasil Biazmen, and Piotr Kukharchyk applied to the Central Election Commission, Hrodna region prosecutor’s office, Hrodna KGB Board, and the OSCE mission in Belarus, with the request to evaluate the actions of the officials and to take appropriate measures, reports HrodnaNews.