Belarusian Musicians Are Deprived of Ether

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the information of Belarusian Association of Journalists, it is prohibited to Belarusian radio stations to broadcast music by the groups that played at the meeting of 21 July. This information was unofficially confirmed by a number of state and commercial radio stations. Listeners of the first program of Belarusian radio, “Stalitsa” radio and other FM stations will, most probably, have no opportunity to listen to such groups as “Palats”, “N.R.M.”, “Zet”, “Pomidor/off”, “Drum Extasy” and “Neuro Dubel”. However, workers of the department of analysis and coordination of activity of electronic mass media of the Ministry of Information state that this information is false.

-- There’s no such document, -- stated to BAJ press service the worker of the department Zmitser Konanaw.

According to BAJ, workers of Belarusian radio stations received oral recommendation not to give ether to songs, sung by the mentioned groups. There’s even information that this music has been already removed from the computers of the radio stations.

The newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belorussiyi” managed to find out that last week the black list of rock groups appeared in printing at the office of “Stalitsa” radio. However, when the journalists showed interest to it, the list disappeared.

The leader of the “N.R.M.” and “Zet” groups Liavon Volski thusly commented on it this step of the officials:

-- They do more that is demanded from them. On hearing from the head of the state about “Palats” and “Neuro Dubel” they started total clear-up. It’s quite natural that state radio stations execute such orders, buts it’s quite another way for commercial, non-state radio: executing such orders they will bury themselves.