Supreme Court of Belarus Liquidates Belarusian Labor Party

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On 2 August the Supreme Court of Belarus the Ministry of Justice liquidated Belarusian Labor Party. The ministry charged the party with having no juridical address for a long time, holding its last assembly with gross law violations, untimely registration of its regional structures and interference with the activity of trade union. Judge Hanna Sakalowskaya found all these charges grounded and ruled to liquidate Belarusian Labor Party.

The leader of the party Aliaksandr Bukhvostaw thusly commented on this verdict:

Bukhvostaw: -- I think that this political order is the beginning of liquidation of oppositional political parties. We will complain against this decision to the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the other hand, this verdict won’t stop us from participation in the electoral campaign.

After liquidation of Belarusian Labor Party 17 legal political parties are left in Belarus