Deputies of Polish Seym Protest against Violations of Political Rights of Belarusian Citizens

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


In the afternoon of 29 July 30, 2004 near the Belarusian embassy in Warsaw there was held an action of protest against violations of political rights of Belarusian citizens, organized by the Polish Party “Civil Platform”. About 50 deputies, 50 members of the youth organization of the youth wing of the “Civil Platform” – “Young Social Democrats”, the vice-speaker of Polish Seym Donald Tusk and many other people took part in the action. They held posters “Lukashenka to Be Tried!”, “Stop Lukashenka!”.

Tusk: -- We received information from our Belarusian partners that Belarusian authorities want to stop the activity of a number of oppositional parties. In its letter Belarusian People’s Front urges our party and all Poles to support Belarusians that are fighting against the regime in this hard time. We will do everything possible to engage Poles in defense of civil rights in Belarus and will support Belarusian opposition with every possible means”.

The vice-speaker said also that soon deputies of the “Civil Platform” will begin a large campaign with the aim to draw the attention of the European Union to the situation in Belarus.

In his turn, the leader of the Seym fraction “Civil Platform” Jan Rakita stated:
-- We will help the students of the liquidated European Humanitarian University who want to study in Poland. We can really make it.

It’s worth mentioning that the liberal party “Civil Platform” is the most popular political force in Poland now.