Deputies of European Parliament Are Concerned with Attempts to Liquidate Belarusian Labor Party and BPF

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The present situation of Belarus is discussed in European Parliament. A group of its deputies adopted a statement, expressing there solidarity with the Belarusian citizens who fight for democracy and independence of their country.

The initiators of the statement were the deputies of European Parliament Konrad Szymanski and Marcin Libnicki (both from Poland), Vitautas Landsbergis (Lithuania) and two deputies from Czech and Hungary.

It is the first written statement of the European Parliament of the new convocation that has just started working. In private, the deputies state they “are concerned with the attempts of Belarusian authorities to liquidate Belarusian Labor Party and Belarusian People’s Front”. The authors of the statement also point out that Belarusian citizens are actually deprived of their political rights.

Besides, the fraction of the European Parliament “Union for Benefit of Europe’s Peoples”, on the initiative of Polish deputies of European Parliament from the Party “Law and Justice” proposed to include the question of human rights violations in the agenda of the next session of the Parliament.

On the eve of this event the vice-head of the party “Law and Justice” Marek Jurek said to Belarusian branch of RFE/RL that the deputies of his party in European Parliament would do everything possible in order to make the situation in Belarus a subject of constant interest of the appropriate commissions of this organ.

What concerns the statement about the situation in Belarus, this document will be opened for signing by deputies of European Parliament during three-month’ term and in the case it is signed by more than a half of them it will be considered the official position of the Parliament.