Belarusian People’s Front Disagrees with Warnings

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Ministry of Justice has recently issued warnings to Belarusian political parties, including the BPF Party for the alleged violation of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “About mass actions in the Republic of Belarus” (the action “Chain of Concerned Readers” in support of the “Narodnaya Volia” newspaper). The BPF disagrees with it on the following grounds:

1. The BPF Party neither organized nor took part in the unauthorized picket on 10 June 2004. The appropriate bodies didn’t take any decision to support the measure that took place on 10 June 2004 in Minsk.
2. The warning doesn’t mention the actions that brought about the warning.

Being guided by part 3 of Article 34 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “About political parties”, the BPF asks to set the warning aside and also present the information on the basis of which the warning was issued, so that the party has the possibility to consider it while preparing to the trial.

Other parties that have received warnings from the Justice Ministry are also going to complain against them.

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