Journalist Of Independent Newspaper “Vremia” Mikhail Padalak Deported From Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Journalists, politicians and public figures that gathered at the platform before the departure of the 11.00 “Minsk-Adesa” train were not allowed to say good-bye to Mikhail Padalak, Ukrainian citizen and journalist of independent newspaper “Vremia” (“Time”) who was deported from Belarus. The compartment windows were thoroughly closed and only state TV channel operators were allowed into the compartment to Mr.Padalak.

As KGB center of information and public relations told “Interfax” agency, the ground for Padalak’s deportation was “him being organize of publishing of the “Vremia” newspaper where the articles were published that contained calls to consolidation of radical opposition with the purpose to counteract state organs that may lead to destabilization of civil accord and political situation in Belarus”.

This decision was taken in accordance with point 2 of article 25 of the law “On legal status of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship that reside on Belarusan territory” and Regulations on deportation procedure of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. The journalist is forbidden to come to Belarus for 5 years.

Mr.Padalak’s wife Iryna (Belarusan citizen) said to the people present at the train station that approximately at 7 a.m. on June 21 someone began to ring insistently at the door bell. When they opened the door, 8 people came in – policemen and people in civil clothes, one person with video camera. They gave 15 minutes to the journalist to collect personal things, ordered to take some money with him and took Padalak away in unknown direction.

Iryna cannot say anything about further plans of their family – they didn’t have time to discuss that with the husband. She said that Mikhail’s parents live in Ukraine but she didn’t concretized in which district.

KGB is expected to issue press release with official explanations as to the reasons for journalist’s deportation.