Zubr Activists Detained in Minsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Three Zubr activists were detained on June 15 for spreading printed materials in different places of the city. Alaksei Lawkovich and Zmitser Shchepaw distributed leaflets near Kastrychnitskaya subway station. Two riot squad officers took the activists to the backyard of one of the buildings nearby. They stayed there for almost an hour waiting for the police to come. The young people were taken to Centralny police station. The police kept them there for one more hour and released the guys when they had refused to give any written explanation.
Another member of Zubr movement, Paval Yukhnevich, was detained when distributing newspapers at Pushkinskaya subway station. The next day he had to come to Frunzenski police station and talk to police officer Baruta. The police captain was interested in political views of the Zubr guy, as well as where he had received the printed materials.

On June 15 Zubr activists Alaksei Shydlowski and Alexander Atroshchankaw were detained near Kamaroski market. The police seized their printed materials.