Hunger Strikers Address Lukashenka with Demand to Observe Constitution

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Some members of the House of Representatives express support to their colleagues on hunger strike. Meanwhile the strikers’ health gets worse. As before, doctors are concerned about Valery Fralow’s health. He has bradycardia and low blood pressure. Maryna Bahdanovich has problems in the immune and cardiovascular systems. Viktar Ivashkevich has high pressure.

MPs on hunger strike addressed Alexander Lukashenka with an open letter. One of the letter authors Siarhei Skrabets speaks about its contents: “The main demand from Lukashenka is to observe the Constitution. He wrote it for himself, and he should keep to it. With the open letter we intend to inform our citizens that we are on hunger strike for their sake”.

Siarhei Skrabets says, some parliamentarians – Uladzimir Navasiad, Ivan Pashkevich, and Ihar Baslyk -- have openly expressed their support to the hunger strikers. Some other MPs support the protesters unofficially.

Ihar Baslyk suggested the parliamentarians should respond to the protest action by evaluating the actions of the House leadership and asking the colleagues to stop the hunger strike. However, his initiative did not enjoy the support in the parliament. Mr. Baslyk believes, the majority of lawmakers consider MPs Fralow, Skrabets, and Parfianovich courageous people, and support them at heart, but are afraid to show their support publicly.

Baslyk’s colleague Anatol Krasutski is convinced the protest action started for no reason, only because the House leadership failed to observe the agenda. But now the possible consequences of the hunger strike are the responsibility of the whole parliament.