Zmitser Salawiow Fined 10 Basic Values

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 May Zmitser Salawiow received a telegram summoning him to Navapolatsk City Inspection of Dues and Taxes. On 7 May he came there and was fined 10 basic values for having not let in workers of the tax inspection into his flat.

On 21 April the inspection workers A.Yalovik and L.Kadushka came to Zmitser Salawiow’s office. In his presence they composed a report on violation of the tax law. In the report it was stated that “On 9 April Salawiow didn’t let to hold control measures and find whether he carried out any commercial activity in the building which its owner calls “Zmitser Salawiow’s Office”.

The workers of the tax inspection showed Salawiow the order to conduct unscheduled route check-up concerning “receipt of money from customers (clients), providing services, etc”. The human rights activist refused to let the officials in, stating that he didn’t carry out any economical activity and made no financial operations. He also showed them documents that witnessed his words. Then the workers of the tax inspection composed the act “about visit to Mr. Salawiow D.S.”.