Last Independent Newspaper of Orsha Loses License

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Recently the newspaper “Vitsebskaya Trybuna” has turned into a regional edition. It was the only independent newspaper in the city of Orsha and in its district.

The editorial staff of the newspaper found about it occasionally, when it was necessary to prolong the newspaper’s contract with the printing house. The printing house received this document in the middle of February. However, the editor of “Vitsebskaya Trybuna” Siarhey Serabro wasn’t informed about it and therefore missed the opportunity to complain against it.

The official reason for the license liquidation is liquidation of the founder of the newspaper, Center of Youth Initiatives “Kontur”. However, “Kontur” was liquidated 7 months before. That’s why the editor of “Vitsebskaya Trybuna” thinks that the newspaper was deprived of registration for support to the recent protest action, held by Vitsebsk businessmen: the newspaper site presented the chronicle of their hunger-strike, photos and other materials. The hunger-strike lasted since 2 till 14 February. On 15 February the decision to deprive the newspaper of license was taken.