Vandalism in Protestant Church

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the night of 27-28 March unknown individuals attacked and robbed the church of Evangelical Faith Christians located in Khatsislaw village, Malaryta district.
The strangers smashed the panes in the building, and stole a clock, literature and stationery of the Sunday school, and a film projector. The attack on the church was reported to police. Police investigates the case.
Since the purchase of the building in 2000 and the beginning of regular services twice a week, this is the SIXTH attack on the building. In several cases these attacks were an obvious vandalism, when offenders spilled paint on the church benches, pulpit, and floor.
“Two years ago, -- says Pastor Viachaslaw Rahatsevich, -- a similar case occurred, but offenders were not found. The investigative lead is, that offenders are religious people, because the only valuable untouched and left in the church was a chalice and Eucharist dishes with the image of crucifix. However, the committed attack is obvious evidence that somebody does not like the presence of the Protestant believers and their church in Khatsislaw, and that the attacks are intentional.