Zubr Activists Detained

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 28 March police detained several activists of Zubr movement on the border of Minsk and Brest regions. Zubr activists gathered on 28 March near the 30-meters-high statue of a bison (zubr, in Belarusian), located on the border of Minsk and Brest regions, reports Zubr press-service.
That day a number of new members who joined the movement recently were to take an oath. The police tried to break the event before it started. In Haradzeya, the closest town, the police detained Alaksei Lawkovich, one of Zubr activists from Minsk. On Brest highway several Zubr members from Baranavichy and Biaroza were detained. One of them, Vadzim Yakushkin, was charged with violation of Art 143 (allegedly, he posted leaflets along the road). At the same time, several police patrol cars tried to stop the group of Zubr members who walked from Haradzeya to the place of the event.
In spite of the obstacles, several dozen people from Baranavichy, Biaroza, Slonim, and Minsk reached the gathering point. The moment the activists unfolded the flag, they were approached by a group of people in plain clothes led by deputy head of Baranavichy police Perapialitsa.
Perapialitsa demanded to hide all the symbols. When Zubr members refused to take away the white-red-white (Belarusian national) flag, he promised to order to detain the action participants and warned about responsibility for holding unauthorized gatherings.
When the action was over, the police detained one of Zubr coordinators Yawhen Afnahel. He was accused of organizing an unauthorized rally. The police reported he violated Art 167-1 and 167-2 of the Code of Administrative Offences, gave him summons to come to Baranavichy court on 9 April, and let him go.