Organizer of “Worthy Life to Belarusian People” Rally Knocked Over by Car

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 25 March Nina Davydowskaya, organizer of the rally in Brest, was knocked over by a car at a pedestrian crossing. The driver drove away from the place of the accident.

Nina Davydowskaya had to stay at home after the injury.
Let us remind you, on 22 March 2004 the people’s coalition 5+ received permission of Brest city administration to hold a rally “Worthy Life to Belarusian People”. Activists started active distribution of leaflets with the call to come to Budawnik stadium on Saturday, 27 March, at 12 a.m.
On 26 March the city authorities cancelled the permission for the rally for the following reasons: ?#152;there is no organizer’, ?#152;there is no contract for guarding the rally with police, fire brigade, ambulance, etc.’
The rally organizers refused to receive the ?#152;ban’-letter from the city administration and reassured the authorities that in conjunction with the suspicious accident with the chief organizer of the rally they were ready to take all responsibility for holding the event. Then in the evening of 26 March the letter was delivered to the home of injured Nina Davydowskaya.
On 27 March the local leaders of the 5+ coalition held the rally as planned. The rally gathered residents of Brest who ignored the demands of Brest police officers to leave the stadium.