Brest State University Organization of Free Trade Union Faces Liquidation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL, the initiative to liquidate the organization of Free Trade Union at Brest State University belongs to the local tax inspection, which has checked the organization for several months. Though the tax inspectors found no violations, they found another reason for liquidation – absence of permanent juridical address.

The university authorities deprived the FTU organization of the right to lead act on the territory of the educational establishment two years ago. For these two years the organization was registered at the building that belongs to the independent newspaper “Brestski Kur’er”. Now both the tax inspection and the borough administration state that this registration is invalid and oblige the organization to re-register. The organization head Valiantsin Lazarenkaw can’t find any legal reasons for it and is of the opinion that the main aim of the authorities is to liquidate the oldest FTU organization in Brest region.

This year the FTU organization at BSU will celebrate its tenth anniversary. 50 lecturers of the university remain its members despite the administrative pressurization.