Breganz Is Informed about Political Situation in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the last week-end an action the action with the aim to distribute information about the political situation in Belarus was conducted in the Austrian city of Bregenz. According to Radio “Liberty”, about 10 persons participated in the picket. The action was supported by the local organization of the Austrian ecological party that had several white-red-white flags manufactured at its own expense and applied to the authorities, asking to permit the picket. The picket participants held posters, Belarusian flags and handed out fly-sheets.

According to the organizers of the action, political refugee from Belarus Andrey Klion, the fly-sheets described the present political situation in the Republic of Belarus. Among the posters there were “We Don’t Acknowledge the Treaty about Establishment of Union State”, “Lukashenka is Moscow’s Lackey”, “Independence of Belarus Is Main Aim”. Before the action, Andrey Klion handed out fly-sheets in the neighboring towns. The action was shot by the Austrian TV. Austrians paid much interest to the information of the picketers. In the near future the Belarusians who live in Austria plan a picket of protest near the Belarusian Embassy in Vienna.