Sergey Kovalyov: More Suspicions against Belarusian Authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The present head of the PACE working group on investigation of political disappearances in Belarus Sergey Kovalyov visited Minsk for the first time. During the international Forum of human rights activists, held not far from the Belarusian capital, Mr. Kovalyov stated that the suspicions that the Belarusian authorities really liquidated their political opponents have increased.

Henadz Kesner

Sergey Kovalyov: -- It doesn’t matter whether Lukashenka personally killed Hanchar, Zakharanka and Krasowski, but he benefited from it. Such suspicions are not only natural –every civilized society must have such suspicions. Otherwise it won’t have the right and commitment to control the power. Representative democracy provides control of the power. The authorities have only way to prove their innocence, which is completely transparent investigation, presenting the necessary documents, demonstration of their efforts in finding the kidnappers and killers (or organizers of explosions, in the case of the Russian authorities). For instance, in his “wrong” report Mr. Lapatsik accuses Mr. Sheyman. Then Sheyman is to be interrogated, not as Prosecutor General, but as a witness. How can he be Prosecutor General if he investigates the crime being a suspect? Retirements and appointments of duty officials ensue. Where are Matskevich and Bazhelka now? Where are the explanations for this staff changes? If the authorities try to hide the traces it means that they have something to hide. Every investigation dealing with this case is to be guided by such logics.

Soon Sergey Kovalyov will lay down the powers of the head of the PACE working group as he wasn’t elected deputy of the Russian Duma. It is still not known who will replace him and whether the independent investigation of the disappearances of Belarusian opposition activists will be continued.

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