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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Amnesty International draws attention to worsening of Bandazhewski’s health and urges to send letters to Alexander Lukashenka and other officials.
The appeal of the human rights organization is spread through email and placed at the AI website.
Amnesty International quotes the letter of the imprisoned professor to his wife Halina: “I am really grateful, that I am not forgotten. The state of my health is not the best one, I am in depression… Medicine does not help and has many by-effects, including allergy. My last strength is leaving me’’.
Amnesty International reminds that professor Bandazhewski
was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment on June 18, 2001. He was charged with a bribe received from students. However, Amnesty International believes that his conviction is related to his open criticism of the state authorities’ policy towards Chernobyl disaster consequences. Amnesty International considers Bandazhewski to be a prisoner of conscience and demands his immediate and unconditional release.
On October 2, 2003, Professor Bandazhewski had his appendix removed. The prison doctor had been ignoring his complaints for three days, being sure Bandazhewski exaggerated his condition.Bandazhewski was only moved to prison hospital when his senior cellmate managed to convince guards that he was in great pain.
On 10 November, Professor Bandazhewski`s wife, had big problems when trying to deliver a parcel of fresh food to her husband. (Earlier she had been allowed to do so). That time she got the parcel to her husband only after having talked to the prison administration official and showing him the written approval she had been given by the higher authorities.
Amnesty International urges to write letters in support of Professor Yury Bandazhewski, detained at UZ 15/1, demanding the authorities should provide him with appropriate medical care in accordance with the international standards and reminding the authorities that Amnesty International demands his immediate unconditional release.
Amnesty International asks authors of letters in support of Bandazhewski to mention their occupation, and write in Russian or English (somehow Belarusian language was not mentioned, but we believe the addressees will have no problems understanding it), and send their letters to the following persons:
President Alexander Lukashenka
220016 Minsk, vul. Karla Marksa, 38
Fax +375 172 26 06 10
Minister of Justice Viktar Halavanau
220084. Minsk, vul. Kalektarnaya, 10
Fax: +375 172 20 96 84

Minister of Foreign Affairs Siarhei Martunau
220030, Minsk vul. Lenina, 19
Fax: +375 172 27 45 21

Head of prison UZ 15-1 Yury Barankou
220600, Minsk vul. Kalvaryiskaya, 36
The same address stands for hospital at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, letters should be addressed to hospital head Mr. Tushynski.
Amnesty International would also like to remind January 9 is Professor Bandazhewski’s birthday.