Christos Purgurides Says Investigation of Disappearances Can Continue in December

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In his interview to Deutsche Welle the PACE reporter of the committee on juridical questions and human rights of the Christos Purgurides pointed out that his investigation of the disappearances of political activists in Belarus can continue in December, as a number of the planned meetings didn’t take place.

“They drew different reasons. According to the authorities, some of the people whom I wanted to meet with are outside Minsk. What concerns the four persons who have been punished for the kidnap of Zmitser Zavadski, it was proposed to me to submit a written inquiry to Prosecutor General”, -- said Christos Purgurides.

He also said that Minister of Internal Affairs Navumaw, Prosecutor General Sheyman and Minister of Sport and Tourism Sivakow answered his questions during the meeting.

In the beginning of December Mr. Purgurides will come to Minsk to prepare a report about suppression of press in Belarus for the political committee of the PACE.

During the second visit he intends to meet with the persons who didn’t come to the meetings during his first visit to Minsk.

“I will try to meet with those with whom I didn’t manage to meet during my second visit to Belarus and the report on the disappearances in Belarus will be prepared after my second visit to Belarus”, -- said Christos Purgurides. “I can’t say anything about the conclusions from my visit before I present the report to the committee. At present my mission is quite successful. I can say that during my visit to Minsk I received extremely important information that will be presented in the report.”

What concerns the efforts of Belarusian authorities to find the missing opponents of the regime, Christos Purgurides pointed out: “the thing is that I’ve been to Minsk to clear this case up. That’s why I can’t say whether they have executed their duty on investigation to the full extent. My own investigation is not over yet.”