Rechytsa Printing House Refuses to “Region-vesti”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 September the printing house “Titul” printed the last number of the newspaper “Region-vesti”. Some days before this Sviatlana Drahun, Head of this enterprise, stated that they had “no more possibility to print the edition”, but confirmed that other newspapers would be published.

Mikola Pasedzka, editor of the newspaper, said to the press service of the PA “Belarusian Association of Journalists” that all his attempts to negotiate with other printing houses were fruitless. Zhlobin enterprise has refused to cooperate due to the alleged lack of technical possibilities, Babruysk printing house referred to the fact that the newspaper wasn’t issued in Mahiliow region. Head of Mazyr printing house gave no explanations for his decision at all. Even Svetlahorsk printing house, the services of which the newspaper has recently used, refused to print it: its Head said that “cancers don’t crawl back”. Now the newspaper searches for the possibility to print in Minsk.

We should remind that on 18 August the editorial staff of “Region-vesti” received a letter from director of Rechytsa printing house about the breach of the contract with the edition by September 14. In this letter Mrs. Drahun stated that the printing house she headed was overloaded with printing of calendars and its equipment was in quite a poor condition.

M. Pasedzka, chief editor of the newspaper, considers this explanation fantastic and thinks the newspaper is persecuted for giving much attention to the activity of the local authorities in the recent newspaper issues.