Relatives of “Niamiha” Tragedy Victims Stand for “Legal Assistance to Population”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Relatives of the people who had tragically perished in the underground pedestrian crossing of the “Niamiha” tube station, have filed a letter to the justice minister of Belarus, V. Halavanaw to defend the human rights organization “Legal Assistance to Population”, the liquidation suit against which is considered by Minsk City Court.

The letter, signed by Natallia Navakowskaya, Head of the public association “Center of social defence “Niamiha-99”, states: “Members of our association got acquainted with representatives of “Legal Assistance to Population” after the tragedy in “Niamiha” on 30 May 1999, when 53 people perished. We, relatives of the dead, were killed with grief. At that time we needed people’s understanding, friendly support and juridical aid… Workers of “Legal Assistance to Population” listened to us, understood our difficult state and simply helped us to live (now they also do). They offered to us their support and knowledge free of charge. They never spoke of money and met with us as soon as we had some trouble. We are sincerely grateful to such wonderful young people who gathered to help people…”.

Members of the “Center of Social Defence “Niamiha-99” ask the justice minister to revoke the suit for liquidation of the human rights organization and allow it to continue working and giving necessary support to citizens.

We should remind that “Legal Assistance to Population” is still giving support to relatives of those who had perished in “Niamiha”. Lawyers of this organization represented the parents, whose children had tragically died, at the trials where State officials participated as defendants, being accused of the professional negligence that brought the deaths.