“Varuta” Liquidated

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Based on information of Radio “Liberty”

On 9 July Brest Regional Court satisfied the suit of the Justice Board of Brest Regional Executive Committee to liquidate Baranavichy city public association “Agency of regional development “Varuta”.

Brest Regional Court started the liquidation case in April 2003, but it was suspended on the plaintiff’s request after several sittings.

The justice board charged “Varuta” with law violations and violation of five points of the organization statute. For instance, mentioning of an unregistered association in the informational bulletin, usage of unregistered symbols, incorrect writing of the shortened name. The main pretensions were that the seal of “Varuta” contained the words “public organization” instead of “public association”, as it should be according to the statute. Liudmila Vasilevich, representative of the regional, agreed only with the last accusation. She thinks that there are some juridical differences between “organization” and association.

The court agreed with the Prosecutor’s view. Judge Dzmitruk ruled to close “Varuta” for the law violation.

Ihar Tyshkevich, Head of the “Varuta” Board considers this court decision illegal and is going to complain against it.