Authorities Proceed to “Viasna”. Fourth Check-up Has Started

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 25 June the fourth Check-up of Human Rights Center “Viasna” started.

The first check-up was conducted by the Justice Board of Brest Regional Executive Committee (REC) in March 2003, immediately after the election to local Deputy Soviets, and concerned Brest regional branch of “Viasna”. As a result of the check-up the duty officials composed an act, pointing at a number of defects in the organization accountancy and passed it to the Ministry of Justice for reaction. However, the Ministry still hasn’t reacted to this paper.

In some time the Justice Board of Minsk REC got interested in the activity of Minsk regional “Viasna” board. However, the check-up wasn’t conducted, as “Viasna” board had liquidated the branch several weeks before.

Last week the check-up of Vitsebsk regional branch started. It is still going on. Talking with the branch Head Mikhail Pawlaw the Head of the Justice Board said that he had no observations to the organization activity. However, the Justice Board still hasn’t presented any official results of the check-up.

On 26 June the Justice Board of Homel REC started the check-up of Homel regional “Viasna” branch. This is the forth check-up, it is still going on.

Taking into consideration development of events connected with a number of large public organizations, such as liquidation of two public organizations on suit of the Justice Ministry and the threat of liquidation over two other ones, Human Rights Center “Viasna” has serious apprehensions that it will be the next to face repressions.