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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ambassador of Germany Helmut Frick and Ambassador of France Stefan Szmelewski visited imprisoned professor Yury Bandazhewski, former rector of Homel medical institute, serving his term in a colony with the reinforced regime 15/1.
Professor Yury Bandazhewski is an internationally famous radiologist, who studies the consequences of small doses of radiation on a human body. In 2001 he was sentenced to 8 years of prison for ostensibly having taken a bribe. A number of violations, including moral and physical pressure, was committed during the investigation. The fact of receiving a bribe remained unproved. Professor Bandazhewski pleaded not guilty.
The Ambassadors met Bandazhewski on 9 April. The meeting lasted for 1 hour. Yury Bandazhewski expressed his gratitude to the governments and people of the EU and other countries for the interest to his fate. The German Embassy explains in its press release, that the visit was made on request of the EU Council of Ministers.

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