Justice Restored?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 18 February Zmitser Salawiow, the candidate to Vitsebsk Regional Deputy Soviet of electoral circuit No. 42 agreed with Tatsiana Nechayeva, director of the Recreation Center of Oilmen, to hold a meeting with the electorate on Saturday, 22 February. Before that, Z. Salawiow consulted with the Central Electoral Committee concerning his right to hold such meeting. He was informed that he had the right to hold such meetings not only in the places, specified by the local executive committee, but in any place where he received agreement for it. So, Salawow informed his electors about the meeting. On 19 February Piatro Husaraw, manager of Navapolatsk City Executive Committee and Head of Navapolatsk City Electoral Commission, prohibited Tatsiana Nechayewa to afford the meeting in the building of the recreation center. It’s worth mentioning that P. Husaraw didn’t have any powers to do so, as he had relation neither to Z. Salawiow’s electoral campaign, nor to the mentioned building. Vice-Director General of “Naftan” enterprise, another commission member, also pressurized Tatsiana Nechayeva. As a result he had to refuse from the agreement with Salawiow.

Zmitser Salawiow filed a complaint about violation of his right to the Central Electoral Commission. At 4 p.m. on 20 February 2003 Mikalai Lazavik, secretary of the Central Electoral Commission, phoned Zmitser Salawiow. He said that he had considered Salawiow’s complaint about the illegal prohibition to meet with the electorate in the Recreation Center of Oilmen, issued by Head of Navapolatsk City Executive Committee M. Husaraw. Mikalai Lazavik phoned Husaraw and ordered to set the illegal decision aside. Now Zmitsier Salawiow tries to make new agreement with Head of the Recreation Center of Oilmen.