Two More Candidates to Deputy Positions Were Registered in Pinsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 30 December 2003 Pinsk City Electoral Commission refused to register Aliaksandr Awseyenka and Yury Bakhtseraw as candidates to Pinsk City Deputy Soviet because of the alleged defects in their signature lists. Aliaksandr Awseyenka collected 78 signatures for his registration, 74 were admitted correct by the commission, which is one less than is necessary for registration. Yury Bakhtseraw collected 83 signatures, 77 were admitted correct. He wasn’t registered because the number of defect signatures amounted to 15% of the overall quantity of the submitted signatures.

On Monday, 3 February 2003 both candidates filed complaints to Berastse regional electoral commission, that (violating the legal order) considered the complaints only on 8 February, and supported the decision of Pinsk City Electoral Commission. Then Awseyenka and Bakhtseraw filed complaints to Pinsk City Court and Pinsk District Court. The court consideration of Bakhtseraw’s case took place on 12 February. The court decided to reject the complaint. Awseyenka’s case was considered in the evening of 12 and in the morning of 13 February. The court decided that consideration of the case was in the power of Berastse regional court. At the trials it was found out that Pinsk City Electoral Commission checked the signatures through passport boards. However, the data, received at the boards, differed from the data of the signers’ passports. Members of the electoral commission paid no visits to the people whose signatures were found incorrect. The commission representative confessed that in two cases the commission was mistaken.

On 17 February 2003 the open consideration of the cases took place at Berastse Regional Court. Prosecutor Vasilevich supported the claim of Aliaksandr Awseyenka and Yury Bakhtseraw to set aside the decisions of Pinsk City Electoral Commission and Berastse Regional Electoral Commission. Judge Halina Alesik ruled satisfy the claim and obliged Pinsk City Electoral Commission to register Aliaksandr Awseyenka and Yury Bakhtseraw as candidates to Pinsk City Deputy Soviet.

Additional information can be received at Pinsk Regional Branch of PA HRC “Viasna”: (8-0165) 32 20 73
Ales Morhal