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On 30 January another stage of the election campaign, registration of candidates to local councils of the 24th convocation, was over. CEC chairperson L. Yarmoshyna announced the results of registration at the press conference on 5 February. She says, the data is not final, because some of the not registered candidates filed appeals to courts. The number of candidates can still change, but not much.
According to the data of the regional and Minsk city election commissions, 25,805 candidates were registered. 762 contenders (2.9%) were refused. Out of 769 contenders for membership in regional councils, 569 were registered, 200 (26%) – refused.
305 people were nominated to Minsk city council, 165 candidates were registered, 140 (45.9%) – refused. Minsk city election commission is still considering 11 debatable applications, 6 not registered contenders appealed to Minsk city court.
4795 contenders were nominated to district councils, 4658 of them were registered, 137 (2.9%) were denied registration.
1572 contenders were nominated to city councils, 1355 were registered, 217 (13.8%) – refused.
Only 3 contenders to town councils (1%) were not registered. 8 contenders to small town councils (0.7%), and 57 contenders (0.3%) to village councils were not registered.
In Brest region 72 contenders to councils of all levels were not registered (1.8%), In Vitsebsk region – 112 (2.4%), Homel region -- 87 (1,8%), Hrodna region – 100 (2,9%), Minsk region -- 153 (2,8%), and Mahilow region -- 98 (2,7%).

1033 contenders were nominated by party lists, 693 of them were registered, 340 party members were not registered (32,9%). Nominees of Liberal-Democratic Party were refused most often– 44%: 329 were nominated, 184 -- registered, 145 – not registered.
The most usual reason for refusal was lack of registered local party structures. Another usual reason was inaccuracies in income and property declarations.

Party Nominated Registered Not Registered
United Civic Party 130 54 76
Belarusian Popular Front 76 50 26
Belarusian Social Democratic Party (NH) 103 69 34
Communist Part of Belarus 141 114 27
Belarusian Communist Party 208 173 35
Party of People’s Consent 21 9 12 (42,8%)

All contenders from Agrarian party were registered (7 of 7). All contenders from Belarusian Labor Party, Belarusian Social Sports Party, and Republican Party also had no problems with registration. None of the representatives of the Belarusian Women Party Nadzeya were registered, because of the violations of election legislation. The main reason for refusal was that all structures, including regional and district ones, had legal address in the central office in Minsk.
Among registered there are:
Women 42,5% -- 10 695 people;
Youth under 35 – 7,6% -- 1 950 people;
former council members -- 51 % -- 13 166 people.
Most of the candidates represent:
agrarian complex – 32,5%;
education and culture sphere – 18, 9%;
state bodies – 14%;
industry, transportation and communication sphere – 13,5%;
health and social security spheres – 7,6%;
377 entrepreneurs.

All heads of regional and Minsk city councils were nominated and registered as candidates.
Regional and Minsk city election commissions received 161 appeals against denials in registration. On 4 February 130 appeals were considered, 8 of them were satisfied, 37 are still being considered.
During the period of election campaign the Central Election Commission received 62 written appeals, including 40 on election issues, 31 of them – inquiries about election legislation, and 9 complaints about violations of election legislation.

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