On 10 December Centralny borough police served a notice to Ales Bialatski. Bialatski was called up to the police office because of his participation in the action, dedicated to the day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

About 500 people took part in the action. It was dedicated to the Day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and drew attention to the problem of politically-motivated disappearances in Belarus.
The action started at 12.00. Ales Bialatski made a speech, reminding about the importance of the day. Then Zinaida Ganchar took the floor. Zinaida is the wife of the missing Viktar Ganchar, ex-vice speaker of the 13th Supreme Soviet. Zinaida Ganchar said, the families of the missing people had prepared a petition to Belarusian power structures. After her speech, the action participants headed from Kastrychnitskaya Square to the buildings of the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Office of the Prosecutor General. The wives of the missing Viktar Ganchar, Anatol Krasowski, and Dzmitry Zavadski handed their petitions to the representatives of the above mentioned bodies. The petitions contained demands to ascertain the fate of the missing people and answer the questions: where are they now, what happened to them, and who is guilty of what has happened.
The action ended with police officers serving a notice to Ales Bialatski to come to Centralny borough police station at 3 p.m. In the police station Ales Bialatski was suggested that he should right an explanation note, and was released right after he had done that.